Greetings and Welcome! This file is named "directory.html" so that it doesn't override your ability to browse these files and folders - in case I don't keep up with the updates while I create content and examples here.

These branching subdirectories will host the javascript and HTML that I create while refreshing and learning JavaScript and p5.js and matter.js from The Coding Train.

The root directory for all this is hosted on my website.

Here's the The GitLab Repository (which I migrated from the Old GitHub Repository).

In almost all cases you need to open a web page that will in turn exectute Javascript within the browser window, so all you should need to view these examples is a web browser. Using GitHub, you can also view the source code within your browser.

Newly added (5/2018) CodingChallenge, which is variously p5.js and Processing .pde files. For Processing, you need to use the Processing development environment, which is by default essentially a containerized Java environment> for use with rapid prototyping and software design..


It's also my intention to comment the JavaScript files so that the code is somehow explicable to the casual browser.

If for some reason you want to copy any of this stuff, you must credit both The Coding Train (link above) and me (Malcolm Gin, 2017-present). You must link to this page. To the extent I'm able to claim any copyright on this work, I hereby distribute it with the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Finally, you can reach me at

(Note also that I've implemented Git and SSH-powered deploys to my web host. The possibility remains that I will, through user error, forget to deploy to the web host. If you see a discrepancy or some other issue, please don't hesitate to contact me.)