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Posts about geeking out in the kitchen. Usually about measuring stuff or sharpening stuff or doing other science-adjacent stuff, but also about substitutions and kitchen chemistry and stuff Harold McGee writes about.

2017 Thanks Taking

Let me start with a statement about “Thanksgiving”. We’re supposed to give thanks for all that we have. That’s great, but it elides the genocides, massacres, and wars that US settlers had with the natives of North America before taking possession. It elides the biological warfare. It elides centuries of neglect, abuse, and outright murder that settlers perpetrated against Native Americans, as well as the ongoing social and political programs to disenfranchise and further steal for natives and native families. This is why, for more than 20 years, I’ve privately referred to the holiday as Thanksgrieving, and may start calling it Thanks Taking, based on a workshop/discussion title I saw last week. I am also grateful for friends, family, and plenty and food and drink and wonderful company and projects running up to the holiday, but let’s not forget these atrocities.

This said, read on for how we celebrated with family and friends, what we cooked and ate, how we prepared it, and notes for future endeavors.

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Measuring and Calibration – Science Geek Series

A lot of bakers and chefs and chemists will tell you that they’re in the same business. So, in a way, are bartenders and cheese makers and drug dealers and brewers and vintners. Because we all need to measure things a lot and we need both accuracy (the ability to measure amounts reliably) and precision (the ability to consistently measure the same amounts).

When you get right down to it, precise, accurate measurement is terribly difficult to carry out, and it’s critical to turning out a consistent product or sale every single time.

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