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Even more tweaking

With even more hacking, I implemented the image overlay thing the Cutline authors did on their blog. This floats another image on top of the randomly changing header.

I also tweaked the vertical spacing in various header elements to make things look right. The only thing that’s really a hack is the Cutline guys’ deal where they hyperlink the floating image by hyperlinking random text associated with a particular region of the floating image, but they hide the actual text by left indenting it by -9999 pixels. Which took a little tinkering to figure out.

But I think I’m happy now with what I’ve got. Everything’s actually working and nothing looks like ass.

So maybe I should go to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow to clean the cat boxes and take out the trash.

More Theme Tweaking

I successfully implemented the “Totally Random Header Images for Cutline” feature, with a little hacking. I made my header images largely out of my own photos and completely out of freely available images, and I changed the cycling pool from 5 to 9. Almost everything went swimmingly, except that despite the fact that Cutline’s header images are 896×163 pixels, the sizing in the updated header.php the Cutline folks provided resize the images to 773×140 pixels… for no apparent reason. So I fixed that too.

However, even though I wanted to make a “Post” link that shows only if the user is one with author permissions, I didn’t get that to work at all. But that’s okay. I was just tinkering.

My WordPress theme has reverted

Looks like it’s something that the recent upgrade did. Since I plan to install a new theme and it’s not something I can do from work today (on the internal network, using FTP and telnet isn’t allowed, and connecting to the external wireless is awkward), I’ll punt that until later. For now all “tags” will in fact be the WordPress categories I use to control how the crossposting code works, and the tag cloud is missing. I’ll get them back after I install the new theme.