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Subtitles in Netflix on Apple TV

This is so seriously unadvertised it’s almost criminal (and is it, under the ADA? I don’t know.).

Anyway, for titles on Netflix that support it, with Apple TV’s newest 4.4.2 update (I don’t know if it was supported earlier than that – I just figured it out), you start playing the title, then you press the up key and then hold down the select key (for more options). This should take you to a menu where you can select subtitles, if any are available.

I started looking for this after I noticed, after my iPad’s iOS 5 upgrade, that the Netflix app on that platform was also finally supporting subtitles.

This isn’t so much an issue for me (though I like them in general – though I sometimes feel like they give away punchlines) but for my Dad it really does matter a lot.

UPDATE: Also after the title starts playing, if you just click and hold down the select key (the one in the center of the directional button ring), the subtitles screen should immediately show up (if any are available for your title).

Kung Faux

I was introduced to these by R&E up in Western Mass back when they were new, and when they showed these to me, I only saw Volume 1. I just finished watching Volume 2 and I enjoyed it immensely. They’re shortened, summarized and “enhanced” (sort of in the manner of Pop Videos) low-budget martial arts movies, dubbed by hip-hop and rap artists in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. Volume 2 distinguishes itself in that the first of two episodes has its protagonist dubbed by Queen Latifah.

Volumes 1 – 4 are streamable via Netflix. Here’s the link to Volume 2 (I think you can only see it if you are a Netflix member).

Warning: they have old commercials embedded, and they have “sexy” ID clips (scantily clad ninja-esque models), and the demographic is the hip-hop scene (there are, incidentally, a whole lot of white boys involved). But they’re a good time anyhow.


Saw a number of things on both Netflix streaming and just via renting from Netflix.

  • Italian Job (2003, w/ Seth Green) – Netflix streaming – I liked it. I thought it was well put together and did a good job of explaining the caper and complicating things and then working out in the end.
  • Italian Job (1969, w/ Michael Caine) – Netflix rental – I liked it, but not as well as the 2003 version. It was more comedic, abstract, not as apparently well-planned from the audience’s point of view, and crime didn’t pay.
  • Word Wars (2004) – Netflix streaming – I haven’t gone back to finish up the last 20 minutes, but it’s a good documentary about a trainwreck between 4 Scrabble champions who all know each other. These people are various forms of incredibly neurotic. It was a stressful watch, even though a good documentary. I’d sort of like to reserve that degree of stress watching for documentaries about real human tragedy, though, not neurotic Scrabble players.
  • A Galaxy Far, Far Away (2001) – Netflix rental – Good documentary about folks obsessed with the release of Star Wars Ep 1. Various whacked fans. Pith-helmet guy was genuinely frightening. I’d look over to H, watching with me, during the times when pith-helmet guy was being interviewed and her look of horrified fascination was priceless. We both agreed that especially these fans in this documentary, were far more frightening than those portrayed in the various Star Trek cons we’ve seen or seen documentaries about.
  • ÃŽlé Aiyé (1989) – Netflix rental – An interestingly produced documentary (not the conventional narrative style, mostly un-commented-on video with some picture-in-picture presentation and a very few short clips of subjects talking without filmmakers apparent). I think I learned a lot, but probably not as much as I might have with a more structured narrative, about Candomblé, and African spirit cult that has a lot of crossover, to my mind, with Vodun or Voodoo, as far as the pantheon goes.

I have also been using Netflix’s streaming to enjoy some of the early episodes of the A-Team and Knight Rider.  :)