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Finally saw Kung Fu Panda and…

I liked it.

I understand it did well in China, despite a boycott cum possible PR stunt by a Chinese designer.

I didn’t find many of its tropes tired. If anything, the Kung Fu stuff, the Chinese stuff, I thought was definitely in keeping with the Kung Fu Movie traditions and also some of it was quite lovely.

Even the anti-fat sentiment was clearly the characters’ problems. Po, the panda in question, voiced by Jack Black, gets fitter and more flexible and definitely more kick-ass but his shape doesn’t change, and the characters who oppose his shape either get over themselves or get their butts whupped. There were some tired tropes in the storytelling in that respect, but I also think that in the end the story redeemed itself (no, not all fat people/pandas are fat because they eat when they’re depressed or stressed).

So yeah, I liked it.

Stick that in your pipes and smoke it, alla youse who think I am only negative-man. :)

Kung Faux

I was introduced to these by R&E up in Western Mass back when they were new, and when they showed these to me, I only saw Volume 1. I just finished watching Volume 2 and I enjoyed it immensely. They’re shortened, summarized and “enhanced” (sort of in the manner of Pop Videos) low-budget martial arts movies, dubbed by hip-hop and rap artists in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. Volume 2 distinguishes itself in that the first of two episodes has its protagonist dubbed by Queen Latifah.

Volumes 1 – 4 are streamable via Netflix. Here’s the link to Volume 2 (I think you can only see it if you are a Netflix member).

Warning: they have old commercials embedded, and they have “sexy” ID clips (scantily clad ninja-esque models), and the demographic is the hip-hop scene (there are, incidentally, a whole lot of white boys involved). But they’re a good time anyhow.