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Details of Hack

One of the problems that you inherit from running your own blog instead of paying someone else to maintain a blogging platform is that you occasionally come under attack from a hacker. There’s no telling whether this will be successful for them or not until it happens. The overall question is one of time, resources, skill and luck. Given that I didn’t think I’d be a high value target, I did what I could and hoped it would be enough. It was not.

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Even more tweaking

With even more hacking, I implemented the image overlay thing the Cutline authors did on their blog. This floats another image on top of the randomly changing header.

I also tweaked the vertical spacing in various header elements to make things look right. The only thing that’s really a hack is the Cutline guys’ deal where they hyperlink the floating image by hyperlinking random text associated with a particular region of the floating image, but they hide the actual text by left indenting it by -9999 pixels. Which took a little tinkering to figure out.

But I think I’m happy now with what I’ve got. Everything’s actually working and nothing looks like ass.

So maybe I should go to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow to clean the cat boxes and take out the trash.

More Theme Tweaking

I successfully implemented the “Totally Random Header Images for Cutline” feature, with a little hacking. I made my header images largely out of my own photos and completely out of freely available images, and I changed the cycling pool from 5 to 9. Almost everything went swimmingly, except that despite the fact that Cutline’s header images are 896×163 pixels, the sizing in the updated header.php the Cutline folks provided resize the images to 773×140 pixels… for no apparent reason. So I fixed that too.

However, even though I wanted to make a “Post” link that shows only if the user is one with author permissions, I didn’t get that to work at all. But that’s okay. I was just tinkering.