Presents in the household:

I got a knife about which I totally geeked out when asking – but it boils down to using D2 steel, which is semi-stainless and many folks believe is an ideal edge keeper – and I want it primarily for peeling apples, so. I also got two books – Bill Bryson’s the lost continent and Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus, and a Bamboo iPad stylus.


Dad got practical gifts – a flannel shirt and a micofleece jacket from Land’s End and a dry-erase calendar for 2012 where he can keep his appointments.

For Hanne I have so far got a gift certificate to Igigi, and 3 of her favorite teas from Kusmi Teas. She also knows I ordered some things from Shapeways but have refused to tell her what – and there is another gift coming besides. These are “late” on account of only just getting a wishlist on the 22nd and also because of other priorities getting in the way. Sigh. But I still think/hope she’ll quite like the stuff from Shapeways.

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