It looks like I’m in the clear with the hack, assuming WordPress 3.1.4 and the plugins I’m using are safe.

I thought about it a lot and figured that I’m about as safe hosting my own WordPress as I am subscribing to WordPress. The main thing I suffer from hosting my own is that I don’t have 24/7 support for myself. But given that the world didn’t end and my blog’s situation didn’t get any worse in the 6 hours I left it alone, and I recovered OK, I think it’s possible for me to bear the risk.

Anyhow, I think we’re good here, and I’m sort of glad it happened in the Julia Child sort of sense – I was able to see that handling a hack isn’t so bad and that I was able to deal with it effectively on my own – it also gave me the opportunity to write about it, which I hope will help more folks than just me in the future.

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