Status updates

As usual, various updates.

Oh the times we had.

  • Mom, Hanne, Dad and I have been helping Dad with various life-coping stuff. Chief among the findings was that while we all noticed Dad getting more than a little “tangential”, it seems from catching up with doctors and hearing aid techs that it really all boils down to not being able to hear a blessed thing. Steps for remediation are under way. I’m relieved both for my Dad’s sake and my Mom’s sake but also for my own sake. It’s not good for the soul feeling like you have loopiness to look forward to as you get older, especially if, like me, you take pride in your being able to keep up with things.
  • Gawker Media has had a data breach. I mention this because I have a Lifehacker account which was apparently among the compromised. How do I know? Someone’s been trying to get into my LinkedIn account. Queue the chorus of being really relieved that I started using completely random passwords a year or so ago.
  • As a side note, it appears that even though LinkedIn doesn’t make it public information (it’s not noted on their reset password page anywhere), there is a 6-16 character limit on their passwords, which sucks if you want to use a 20 character password. It’ll truncate to 16 characters without telling you and tell you you have a bad password if you subsequently try to log in with the 20 character password. Nice design! NOT.
  • Speaking of passwords, I finally upgraded to KeePass 2.x (from the 1.x series) and am quite happy with it. The only gotcha is that you need a plugin if you want to be able to use 2.x auto-type features with Remote Desktops.
  • Work continues to be somewhat oppressively busy but not without its rewards. They’re currently grooming me for leadership and trying to teach me not to editorialize so much in my e-mails. Perhaps this will also affect how I blog.
  • We’ve scheduled and started planning a trip to California in February.

2 thoughts on “Status updates”

  1. You bet. It looks like February will be mostly vacation but there may also be some furniture buying and wrangling for Dad to help him organize his living space.

    I got a letter from LinkedIn yesterday talking about how they knew my account was one compromised on Gawker Media (there are ways to know) and preemptively disabled my account on LinkedIn, so maybe it wasn’t a hacker. I did get 3 account disabling e-mails a couple of days from LinkedIn though – maybe the last two were in error. Who knows.