Twitter Vote Report

I have done the previously unthinkable and signed up for a Twitter account.

I must note now that I intend only to use it for very snarky comments stemming from my deep suspicion about twitter in general and its overall usefulness in my life (let’s just say I get cranky about my most dear friends posting twitter summaries in their LJ because then I “have to” parse it all if I happen to read my LJ friends list that day, have to, I might add, in the same sense that I “have to” sit in the dark when no one else turns the lights on for me after sundown).

And for reporting on my voting experience tomorrow.

But lord help me if I ever become a twitter shitter.

One thought on “Twitter Vote Report”

  1. If you have any interest in following others, my name there is etoile. I won’t be hurt if you don’t want to, though, and I won’t follow you unless you take the first step.