Just call me a late adopter

Many of you no doubt already know that I opened a Facebook account today, because you got a friend request from me.

I remain skeptical about this whole Facebook business, but I ended up joining because so many folks at work mentioned wanting to network with me, and because my cousin, Michael, invited me a couple of months ago.

But I shall remain skeptical until further notice.

Found YouTubes

I found these guys while just noodling around on YouTube this afternoon (technically yesterday), then our visitor showed up, so I didn’t post it until now. I’ll post this then go to bed.

Signature is a group of dancers (started as two guys, obviously good friends) who made it pretty far into Britain’s Got Talent (looks like this year).

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A very great honor

Today it was my very great pleasure and honor to cast a vote for the world’s first non-white (major contender) U.S. Presidential candidate.

I hope he wins. It would make me (and others I know) feel a whole lot less despairing about the world.

I think that while I have historically had a very difficult time making this distinction when I talk about why I find it so comforting to vote for Obama because he’s not white, I will try it again.

White folks don’t have as much “skin in the game”. There’s something there, no matter how Huxtable-like the Obamas may be. They know what it’s like not to be white, and that’s honestly enough for me. That alone makes me trust him far more than I ever have a previous president, even Mr. Carter, even Mr. Clinton, the two most close to my politics in my lifetime. I trust Mr. Obama to know what it’s like.

It’s just easier to trust someone who’s been on the same wrong end of the stick as you have, or a similar one, to have your best interests in mind, than someone who’s just learned by observation or example, but has no risk of being at that wrong end of the stick. I expect this is why some veterans are voting for McCain, too.

To be able to share that kind of primal trust with a presidential candidate? Priceless.

Yes. We can.

Twitter Vote Report

I have done the previously unthinkable and signed up for a Twitter account.

I must note now that I intend only to use it for very snarky comments stemming from my deep suspicion about twitter in general and its overall usefulness in my life (let’s just say I get cranky about my most dear friends posting twitter summaries in their LJ because then I “have to” parse it all if I happen to read my LJ friends list that day, have to, I might add, in the same sense that I “have to” sit in the dark when no one else turns the lights on for me after sundown).

And for reporting on my voting experience tomorrow.

But lord help me if I ever become a twitter shitter.