Rules of Social Interactivity

Found my way to this via kalmn.

They’re basic rules of social interactivity, by Jörm von Motörhead.

They’re very good. I strongly recommend a think you should read them only if inclined. Should you find them helpful, they may remind you how to behave in general, and I assure you that they hold pretty well in think if you consume them selectively, they may help you in not looking like an asshole in various *-isms type discussions too.

Update: Following discussion by a dear friend, I should point out that Jorm is a rude bastard who uses a very typical I-know-more-than-you or I-know-better-than-you geeky type of instruction which not only grates, but when it’s wrong it’s very wrong.
I strongly recommend either not going to look or going to look with shields up.
I also think that if you’ve already got a good system of rules for being polite, and you do go see what this guy has to say, that you should only steal the good ideas, the ones that make you think of new things that might help you personally, and ignore the bad ones.
If the list of rules don’t work for you, please feel no compulsion to use them to replace your own. I am not recommending any of these rules to supersede rules you already know work for you.