Not entirely sure I like the post locking tech that is User Permissions for my purposes

This is about the WordPress plug-in User Permissions, which works great from the point of view of organizing users so they can all collaborate at different permissions levels on the same blog, but is clearly not written or designed to facilitate different users’ varying access levels to a single blog/journal that is written by a single author. So like, I’d say if you were going to run a WordPress-driven LJ-like community, User Permissions would be your bag, baby, but for my purposes, I think the other one I was looking at (that is still being ported to WordPress 2.3) is probably better. So I will wait with bated breath for that one (Disclose-Secret) to be ported/made available for WordPress 2.3 instead.

So in the field of battle, it works. It allows for different individual posts to have different audiences. Unfortunately, you can’t change the naming of the audiences, and some of them automatically have rights to, for instance, edit your posts (and the ability to change different post settings).

But for my purposes, I think I will just continue to make only unlocked posts and wait for something better to come along.

Also, I had earlier mentioned WordPress Group Restriction. That one, according to my further reading, only really does similar things to User Permissions, but for WordPress Pages, which are non-post publishing entities people normally use for permanent/semi-permanent pages like about pages. They’d map more closely to your LiveJournal Profile page or Userpics page or so on. So that’s not a good choice for me either.

I’ll certainly let ya’ll know, though, if I find a good alternative.

Meanwhile, it should be known that I installed/activated Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress 2.0 (recently updated), as well as LJ4WP (which activates the <lj username> tag within WordPress, which I shall largely use to refer to misia in my posts – and which does not appear to work, so screw that.).

P.S. Something screwed with the outgoing URLs on this post. Fixed.