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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (XBox One)


I’ve been playing this game on my XBox One for the past couple of days and it’s riveting. It’s more on-rails than my last massacre in the jungle, Far Cry 3, which I also quite enjoyed, but the way it’s created it doesn’t feel as much on rails as I thought it would be.

But be warned, these are video games, and even though they’re getting more immersive, we could and should absolutely ask games creators to try harder and do better regarding the social issues they don’t address, or address in the same tired old standard, sexist, misogynist, horrible ways.

This edition of Tomb Raider got a lot of (mostly deserved) bad press originally when it released in 2013 because it threatened the main character with rape. And she very physically and violently stops it, but the threat is, tiresomely, there, and it’s not absolutely required that we keep telling the same old tired castawayed rape story every time we tell this castaway survivor on an island of murderers story.

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Facebook Archives

I have an If This Then That feed pushing a lot of my Facebook activity to this blog’s post archives (unpublished here – for fear of a cross posting loop – there’s a notifier that posts to FB when I post something here). The good thing about it is that I can search back in time on these draft posts on WordPress because Facebook apparently can’t let us do that except by paging through pages and pages of archives from our personal timelines.

My main concern is if IFTTT goes out of business, what’ll I do then?

Beyond that, I’m unsure of how many drafts WordPress supports, but I’ll just assume it’ll keep working.

Facebook Timeline Behavior Policy

Posted this on Facebook: Just so we’re clear, I am Asian, a feminist and I am transgendered and I am intersexed and I am queer identified and a queer ally. I have a lot of friends in those communities. I also have some folks who follow me because you are my co-workers. A lot of my co-workers are Christian or Catholic and socially/politically/fiscally conservative. I also have some good long-time friends who are or pretend to be misogynists, queer bashers, and trollish assholes. There will be clashes. Please, neither of my communities, if you see a post I make in public that is political, don’t expect that everyone on the thread will be or behave in the way you desire them to or in a way you’d expect. And generally I try to be as tolerant as I can be of all your weird foibles, your incidental, intentional or just plain accidental offensivenesses. I know that life is complex, Politically Correct life many times moreso and I know that even if you’re being a dick, you still, deep down, like me, or love me. And I don’t expect all of my friends to get along with all of my other friends, especially now in this great era of change and progress (I refer to the DOMA, the VRA, Prop 8 and the shenanigans going on in Texas over a woman’s right to choose – my timeline, my terminology).

But I do expect you not to force me to choose and I do expect you to behave (i.e. settle down and stop poking at my friends with your stick-like ideology) when I ask you to. If you don’t, then fuck you and I’ll figure out what to do about you if you force it.

Followup was: Also to clarify, I’m okay with there being bruisings of ego against each other from different friends. I figure you are grown-ass people. But if anyone starts getting really reamed out, that’s not okay. And like I said, if I ask you to stop and you keep pushing, well, let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.

Comments on Social Conservativism and Politics and Judeo-Christian Morality

This is from a Facebook post.

My comments:
An observation on my feelings about the “I got mine” style of socially conservative politics I am lamentably exposed to on a regular basis: When things like the New York Immigration judge ruling to not allow deportation or the gay Colombian man happen, even though I am not actually gay, not actually Colombian, nor do I know first hand anyone who is Colombian or about to be deported despite legal marriage to a gay man who is an American citizen, I still find it encouraging, heartening, vital, and feel like it cultivates me, my culture, my subculture(s) and all of my friends to have this kind of judicial decision made.

In contrast, I know a lot of social conservatives who are unable to share in this kind of joy and ecstasy for someone they do not know being made the happier.

And among other reasons that I get incredibly frustrated with social conservatives is this: Judeo-Christian morals/ethics, even if you are not personally Jewish or Christian, exhort you to take joy in others’ joy, but somehow social conservatives are so ingrown that they are unable to do that for gay people, minorities (women, people of color, sovereign nations, really anyone they identify as “other”), religious minorities, really anyone who they don’t recognize as close.

And I think that’s really lamentable and a real shame. And that, sometimes, is what alienates me the very strongest from my socially conservative brethren. That simple inability and/or unwillingness to share in the joy of others. It makes me feel really uncomfortable to end up feeling like I’m more genuinely christian than the folks who spend a lot of time self-righteously declaring their own christianity.

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Just to let all 5 – 15 of you who read my blog regularly know, I’m starting to work on using various integrations and integration services to unify and archive my social media activity to both Facebook and this blog. This is especially since I write probably 90% – 99% of my bloggy type stuff on Facebook instead of here on this this blog.
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